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Wild Seed Landcare Network connects environmentally conscious people to individual Landcare groups who share a passionate and authentic vision to help restore, protect, and increase biodiversity within the South Cumberland Plain.

Wild Seed Landcare Network is currently comprised of 5 individual Landcare groups who are active members of the network with a focus on restoring the astounding beauty of the Southern Cumberland Plain in Wollondilly and Camden.

What is Landcare?

There is a huge range of land and water activities in which individuals can get involved from bush regeneration including weed control to stabilising soil banks, collecting seed and planting back native forests. Bird and fauna monitoring as well as working to reduce the feral animal impact on protected and threatened species.   

Landcare groups are showing leadership in the fight against climate change by working together to build resilience, and by engaging with elected representatives to highlight the risks and challenges posed by climate change. 

For people interested in farming, Landcare agricultural activities range from sustainable cropping techniques to local fox and wild dog control programs, and coordinated action with neighbouring landholders to plant wildlife corridors

"Landcare is a grassroots movement built on communities and individuals taking collaborative action for the benefit of the environment".

Landcare is different in each region and each community.

Some groups are purely voluntary with half a dozen members while others are substantial organisations that employ paid staff and have significant budgets. Landcare groups organise projects, support volunteers, seek funding and develop partnerships.

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Why join?

By becoming part of the Landcare community, you will belong to an iconic Australian movement which cares about making a real difference for the environment, and their community. 

You will meet like-minded people and work together to have fun, learn new skills, run projects and play your vital part in preserving the future.

Wild Seed connects Landcare groups together in the Southern Cumberland Plain network to restore the endemic biodiversity and raise awareness of this incredible natural asset and help reduce climate change.

Each incorporated Landcare group is a member of Landcare NSW, ensuring that Landcare is a connected and active network, where everyone plays a part in designing and building the future of Landcare.

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The Cumberland Plain

Cumberland Plain Woodland is the main vegetation of the fertile shale soils of Western Sydney. It is easy to distinguish from the vegetation of Sydney’s large national parks which occur on infertile sandstone soils.

Firstly, the Cumberland Plain is a grassy woodland and the trees are well spaced with grass and only occasional shrubs underneath – very different to the shrub forests and heath you will see elsewhere. Another big difference is the canopy trees. Instead of the Scribbly Gums, Peppermints and Angophoras of the sandstone National Parks, the main trees of the Cumberland

Plain Woodlands are Forest Red Gum (Eucalyptus tereticornis), Grey Box (Eucalyptus moluccana) and Ironbark (Eucalyptus crebra).

Because they occur on the fertile soils suited to agriculture and housing the Cumberland Plain Woodlands are mostly cleared and the 6% which remain are mostly found on private land rather than protected in national parks.

For these reasons, the ecosystem is classified as critically endangered. This makes the woodlands that remain all the more important to protect and restore. 

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