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Nangarin Vineyard Community Estate, established in 2001, incorporates an extensive (6.52 ha) nature corridor of remnant Cumberland Plain Woodland (CPW) along the east-west ridgeline crossing the estate. This CPW corridor supports a diversity of native flora and fauna.

Significant species sighted within this corridor include wombats, echidnas, and lace monitors, all of which are now rare on the Cumberland Plain, as well as the endangered Cumberland Plain Land Snail.

Together, we can help reduce the impact of invasive weeds and vines spreading throughout the area.

Nangarin Landcare, formed in 2016, meets monthly for a three-hour working bee, generally the 1st Saturday of the month. Our activities support the regeneration and long-term sustainability of this critically endangered ecosystem by control of invasive weeds and exotic vines which are threatening large areas of endemic vegetation, impacting the balance of the natural ecosystems.

Our site comprises terrain ranging from undulating to steep slopes, ensuring a good workout for our volunteers.

Our friendly team of residents are very welcoming and there is always a great social chat over the provided morning tea.

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