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Upper Spring Creek Landcare works in selected pockets of an old dairy farm at The Oaks, approximately 15 kilometres from both Picton and Camden.  It has been transformed into an ecological working beef cattle farm over the past 8 years. 

The 70 hectare site terrain ranges from the shaley hills to alluvial creekline pastures. Progressive protective fencing separates the grazing cattle from the delicate endangered ecological plant communities of towering ironbarks, the bursaria understory and native rainforest vines.

Bush regeneration to remove the introduced Lantana, African Olive, and other invasive species helps native plants recover, providing essential food and habitat.

Together, we can help reduce the impact of invasive weeds and vines spreading throughout the area.

Landcare volunteers often spend their time chatting away whilst using the cut n paint bush regeneration technique and there’s plenty of time to listen to the diverse range of bird calls, spot the chicken hawks and other birds of prey that play on the thermals with the handy loan binoculars to help take in the experience.

On the ground, you are likely to spot wallaroos, echnidas and the odd wombat make their way through the landscape.  At particular times of the year, Lace Monitors can be seen scratching their way up old tree hollows in search of bird eggs in the circle of nature.  

New members are always welcome and buddy up with more experienced volunteers to help learn about the environment, and how to use tools and techniques.  Throughout the year activities may include educational workshops, wildlife monitoring, watering and weeding re-vegetation plant corridors, and seed collection of endangered flora to help support the struggling Southern Cumberland Plain.    The group has hosted a number of workshops including plant identification, weed identification, soil identification, holistic and regenerative grazing practices.

The group tends to meet on the 3rd Saturday of the month from 9am until 12.30.

A weekday late afternoon daylight savings group is also possible if there is interest! 

Whilst it can be both hot and cold outdoors, all members wear sun protective wear (long sleeve pants, top, and a hat) and suitable shoes for bushwalking.  Bulk water is provided to refill your own water bottle.  Sunscreen and the first aid kit also accompany the Landcare vehicle as a precaution (so far it is yet to be used!).  Don’t forget to bring your mobile for those unique photo ops.  The changing terrain can help you get off the network and it is not uncommon to experience very limited or no mobile phone service. 

If you’re stuck for time or keen on helping out from afar there are plenty of opportunities also. We’d love to hear what interests you!

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